Department of Finance

Financial Department has been set up under the Provincial Treasury of the Office of the Chief Secretary of North Central Province.  The objectives of the department are to formulate policy decisions and to provide them with interpretations & to forward other financial matters to the approval of Hon. Governor and of the Provincial Public Service Commission.

Under this department, printing activities pertaining to the implementation of financial activities and policy matters regarding the foreign funded projects in North Central Province are conducted.  To make decisions on final reports regarding loses & damages & to take action regarding audit queries are among the major functions of the department.  Accordingly functions of the financial department are as follows:


  •   To make, amend & monitor financial rules and to provide interpretations.
  •   Administration of a property of the Provincial Council.
  •   Maintenance of a register of audit queries & progress.
  •   Activities regarding the Audit report & draft reports of the Auditor General.
  •   Activities on Provincial Public Accounts Committee.
  •   Activities on reports of Provincial Public Accounts Committee.
  •   Administration of funds outside the Provincial Council.
  •   Activities regarding the securities of Provincial Public Officers.
  •   Appraisal of financial performance.
  •   Administration of formats of the Provincial Council and introduction of new formats.
  •   Activities on allowances.